Technology and Operations Management

Technology and Operations Management

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This course is focused on the development of leaders who can leverage the potential of technology to drive strategic initiatives and innovative approaches.


At its core is people centered design and decisions. It focuses on the potential to improve people’s lives by optimizing and providing key operation methodologies and processes. This enabled executives and managers to develop their thinking and new approaches by developing innovative products, processes and services.


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TOM-01 Developing a Problem-Solving Mindset
Manuel Tenmatay
TOM-02 Poka-Yoke (Zero Defect Operations by Mistake-Proofing the Process)
TOM-03 Lean Inventory System
TOM-04 S5 Housekeeping
TOM-05 Lean Management
TOM-06 Lean Six Sigma
TOM-07 Project Management
TOM-08 Reducing Administrative Cost
TOM-09 Space Management
TOM-10 Total Quality Management
TOM-11 Traditional vs. Modern Purchasing and Supply Management
TOM-12 Warehouse Management