Frequently Asked Questions

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a. I am an interested School-Institution or Organization, How can I form partnership with ExcED Institute?

Send us an letter of intent at, we will be scheduling a meeting with you and our business development officer to explore opportunities.

b. Does ExcED Institute offer customized programs?

Yes. ExcED develops customized learning experiences that tailor-fits to an organization or institution requirements. This will help improve their competitive capabilities that will enable them to lead globally.

c. What is the frequency of ExcED program sessions?

Most programs are based on the course modules set by ExcED. It can have a one day session or a full Mini-MBA program.

d. Where would the programs take place?

Most programs are held on the client's preferred location. We also organize the program in our facilities or off-site locations, but this will still be based on what will be agreed upon by ExcED and the partner company.

e. Who will be coaching us and how credible are they?

Our facilitators are well-known and successful both in academe and practitioners. The facilitators usually have job roles that are in the C-Suite and senior level management position and have long experience in teaching in top academic institutions in the country and all over Asia.

f. What is the usual class size?

Most classes consist of 30 to 35 attendees. An event type learning session can go as much as 150 attendees

g. How much time can I expect to spend on a coursework each day?

On average, a participant will spend about seven hours each day in the classroom with one hour break— usual schedule will start from 9:00am-4:00pm.

h. Facilitators are here to challenge and provide the “ExcED” learning experience.

If the class is quiet, the facilitator may provide case studies and exercises that will create an interaction during the learning sessions. It is important for the attendees to be willing to be engage to ensure to achieve the purpose of the program and become a better professional and executive after finishing the learning session.

i. What is the ExcED open-enrollment program?

Unlike our custom programs for partner school-Institution and organization, ExcED's open-enrollment programs are available to professionals in both the private and public sectors. Acceptance is based on professional qualifications. Open-enrollment programs topic, program type, or level of experience will be based on the course offerings.

j. How do I enroll in ExcED’s courses?

There are two ways participants could make their registration for a program. These are:

1.) Online Registration through the ExcED Website; or

2.) Download the printable PDF application available on each program’s webpage and return it to ExcED by mail, fax or e-mail.

j. Attire– What is the typical attire for an executive during a program?

For classes, “business casual" dress is customary. Business casual is defined as skirts/pants, open-necked shirts or blouses, and sweaters.

j. Are tests or grades given?

Our programs do not provide academic credit towards degree programs. Therefore, no exams are administered nor are grades given. We do not offer letter grades or a pass/fail designation. A certificate of completion is granted to each participant upon completion of each course.

j. Tuition Fees and Payments

1.) What is included in the program fee?

– The program fee covers tuition, materials, and meals during the day. Some programs also include one or more evening receptions. Please refer to the specific program brochure to see what is covered for that program.

2.) What types of payment are accepted?

– We accept the following methods of payment: cash and check deposit

3.) Are scholarships available?

– No. However, special pricing is available to companies sponsoring several participants.

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Where can I request a program brochure?

Program brochures are available for immediate download on our program description pages. To review the online brochure for a program, please select the program name from the list of open enrollment programs.

How do I contact someone regarding unanswered questions?

The best way to contact us is to send a detailed email message to We respond to urgent messages as quickly as possible during our regular office hours (Monday through Friday, 8AM-6PM). Other inquiries will be handled in the order we receive them. We normally aim to reply to all messages within one business day.