The Future of executive education in the Philippines and the ASEAN Region

How far can you go when key movers and leaders are equipped with world-class continuing executive education t grow their practical industry know-hows and become superstar executives?

How ExcED answers the need for executive education

Prof. Enrique M. Soriano III envisions a top-brass executive education program that enables professionals looking for workplace-based education to be taught by world-class, experienced practitioners and academicians. He wanted it to be affordable, consistent, and hands-on. One of his MBA students, a product of executive education, Mark Dennis Uyaco caught the vision and thus, ExcED was born.

Learner-sensitive environment

ExcED bridges the noticeable gap by reaching across with excellent executive education programs set in learner-sensitive environments, conforming to international quality standards of learning led by an impressive pool facilitator-collaborators from various industries.

The tailor-made executive education programs are short, modular, with instant applicability in the workplace or school. Going the extra mile, they provide consultancy intervention as other corporate and organization concerns are identified over the course of each program.

Executive education in action 

Each executive education program incorporates life-long learning habits, task-oriented activities, applicable knowledge connected to the work or school, and a process for self-evaluation and assessment to meet the learning needs and styles of all kinds of learners.

ExcED gives valuable metrics and indicators to validate graduates of their worth in whatever industry they are in. ExcED is also sensitive to adult learners exploring their options and possibilities in other industries- to make a permanent move or to leverage their own value within their school or workplace.

The caliber of collaborations and facilitators

Mavericks and trailblazers from distinguished institution like UP, Ateneo, AIM and De La Salle provide interactive, immersive, and innovative learning ecosystem as modeled and created by ExcED's founders, giving its leaners a globally-competitive edge that translates to immediate impact in the workplace or school.

ExcED aims to be the leading executive education center provider in the Philippines by 2021 and in the ASEAN region by 2023

Decide on ExcED today and join the ranks of a premier center of executive education like no other!